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He's very smart, so everybody likes him. You should stay in the hospital for treatment. Today, I have a date with destiny. Think of the starving children. English and German share a common ancestor. Are they all prisoners? How old this book is! If mankind does not put an end to war, war will put an end to mankind.

Do you know what that is? We've talked a lot about this. A lot of things happened and my schedule was messed up. Bronze is composed of copper and tin. He wouldn't be available until four. I am happy the ointment the doctor has recommended really works.

Y is pronounced with the tongue approximating the hard palate. I'm sorry this took so long. We sat on the stairs. It's all Toma's doing. How long will we have to wait? I'm having a wedding in a month. Never cross the street without checking that no cars are coming. Leave things as they are. I asked her to help. Rolf has beautiful eyes.

We've made too many mistakes. Everyone is afraid of doing new things. Jinchao is a compulsive liar. The players were terribly excited over winning the pennant. When did you see them first?

Why did you cry? Hitoshi walked into the apartment.

I think I understand it now. I told her what I saw. Thanks, though. I appreciate it. I think this language is so beautiful and involving! I will stay until tomorrow. No matter what it is, we must persevere. I have recklessness in my blood. Since the time I was a child, I've only managed to hurt myself. It's a lot safer now.

They're safe. Jesper didn't sign the contract.

Clarissa, Lyndon and John all shook their heads. Who's that fellow over there? Computers have invaded every field. They were abandoned by their mother. I have an appointment at 2:30. That factory manufactures toys. I admit there are a few problems.

She drives a BMW. In general, Susie is a nice student. You can be pretty helpful when you want to be. The minutes were released Monday. Pieter moved out of his parents' house. I'm economically independent of my parents. I hope she's wrong.

The world began without man and shall end without him.